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AppBuilder 3.4.1 Release Notes

Product version: AppBuilder 3.4.1

Released: August 10, 2016

AppBuilder 3.4.1 is an update release. For a list of the new features and updates introduced in the earlier major release, AppBuilder 3.4, see AppBuilder 3.4 Release Notes.

Breaking Changes

Warning A latest change from Apple requires the iOS application (or bundle) version to be comprised of two or three period-separated integers. If you do not meet this requirement you will not be able to build and distribute iOS application packages.

This release introduces the following improvement.

  • The Version Control system received multiple bug fixes, functionality improvements and changes to the underlying implementation of certain operations - Reset, Checkout, Create branch, Resolve and Revert.

This release resolves the following issues.

  • If you are using WKWebView 0.6.9, when you build for iOS in Debug build configuration and deploy on device, your app will crash.

  • When your application name contains spaces, in the produced .apk file the spaces will be replaced with %20.

  • In Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and 2012, when network connection is not present and you attempt to open an AppBuilder project, Microsoft Visual Studio will crash.

  • In the classic Windows desktop client and the extension for Visual Studio, the Simulator screenshot feature does not produce the expected image for most devices.

  • In the classic Windows desktop client and the extension for Visual Studio, you cannot log in using your Google account.

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