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AppBuilder 3.3.1 Release Notes

Product version: AppBuilder 3.3.1

Released: June 30, 2016

AppBuilder 3.3.1 is an update release. For a list of the new features and updates introduced in the earlier major release, AppBuilder 3.3, see AppBuilder 3.3 Release Notes.

This release introduces the following improvement.

  • If your app targets Apache Cordova 4.x or later, AppBuilder now builds your iOS apps with Xcode 7.3.1 and the iOS 9.3 SDK. This automatically enables support for Swift 2 libraries in your iOS apps.

This release resolves the following issues.

  • In the in-browser client, when you rename the second node from the top, all open files are closed and all unsaved changes are lost.

  • You cannot configure how to perform LiveSync operations on Android devices from the config.xml. AppBuilder does not respect the <preference name="LiveSync.useMenuButton" value="false" /> setting.

  • In the extension for Visual Studio, if your project is connected with the cloud and its name contains a space, you might not be able to deploy on device over cable or publish your app.

  • You cannot build apps that target Apache Cordova 3.5.0 for Android using the debug build configuration.

  • After updating the command-line interface, you might no longer be able to run some commands. One of the following error messages might appear: Undefined is not a function or str.toLowerCase() is not a function.

  • In the device simulator in the universal desktop client, clicking a Kendo mobile BackButton widget in your app reloads the entire simulator.

  • If your project targets Apache Cordova 4.0.0 and you are using WKWebView 0.6.9, you cannot debug on iOS devices with the AppBuilder debug tools. When you attempt to debug your app, the Elements tab remains empty and the Resources and Debugger tabs show errors.

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