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AppBuilder 2.7.2 Release Notes

Product version: AppBuilder 2.7.2

Released: 2015, January 19

AppBuilder 2.7.2 is maintenance release. For a list of the new features and updates introduced in the earlier major release, AppBuilder 2.7, see AppBuilder 2.7 Release Notes.

This release resolves the following issues in AppBuilder.

  • When you attempt to publish your app to iTunes Connect, AppBuilder might return the following error: "No applicable app record found." even if you have a properly configured application record in iTunes Connect.
  • In the in-browser client, you cannot install the Telerik Application Enrollment Token (Telerik AET) from the QR code provided in the Build wizard.
  • You cannot create certificate signing requests (CSR) from the command-line interface.
  • When you run appbuilder plugin to show the currently enabled plugins in your app, the command-line interface overrides your app file and might modify your current app file.
  • In Chrome 41.0.2257.0, the in-browser client cannot load your apps.
  • In the command-line interface on macOS systems, you cannot debug apps on device.
    The debug tools launch but you cannot debug your application views.
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