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Using the Built-In Version Control

This section is applicable to the in-browser client, the universal desktop client and the classic Windows desktop client. For information about version control in the extension for Visual Studio, see Use version control in Visual Studio.

When you create a new app, the in-browser client, the universal desktop client or the classic Windows desktop client creates a private repository for the app and commits all files to the built-in version control. This is the default version control provider. You cannot disconnect your app from it. Even if you configure third-party version control, all commits to the third-party Git provider are also committed in the private built-in repository for your app.

With the built-in version control, you develop your app privately. You can commit, revert and roll back changes in your branches. You can create, check out and delete branches. You can review the version history and compare file versions. You cannot share the repository or collaborate with other users.

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