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Rename Identifiers

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Code refactoring is available only in the classic Windows desktop client.

You can rename identifiers such as methods and fields. Renaming replaces all references in the code as well as in comments and string literals.


  • Verify that the classic Windows desktop client is running and you are logged in the Telerik Platform.
  • Verify that you have opened the code for your app in AppBuilder.



This operation is not available in the in-browser client.


This operation is not available in the universal desktop client.


This refactoring is available only for JavaScript and CSS code.

The behavior of Rename might vary based on what you are refactoring and if the files that need to be modified are open.

  1. Verify that visual aids are enabled. For more information about visual aids, see Configure Visual Aid.
  2. From the Project Navigator, open the file that you want to edit.
  3. In the editor, select the element that you want to rename.
  4. Press Ctrl+` and from the pop-up menu, select RRename.
  5. Enter the new name.
  6. In the Help pop-up window, configure the renaming options.
  7. Press Enter to finish or Esc to cancel the refactoring.

Visual Studio

To perform this operation, apply your preferred Microsoft Visual Studio approach, extension or tool or install and use the Telerik JustCode extension. For more information, see the Telerik JustCode Manual.


To perform this operation, apply the approach or tool available for your current IDE.

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