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Write Code with Code Snippets

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You can use code snippets to write code more quickly, easily and more reliably. With code snippets, you can quickly insert a code template and then customize it to fit your code.

The classic Windows desktop client provides a set of built-in code snippets for Kendo UI, JavaScript and jQuery Mobile and lets you create your own custom snippets.

With the extension for Visual Studio, you can use the code snippet functionality built in Microsoft Visual Studio. For more information about code snippets in Microsoft Visual Studio, see Code Snippets.


  • Verify that your preferred AppBuilder client is running and you are logged in.
  • Verify that you have opened the code for your app in AppBuilder.



In this version of the in-browser client, you cannot use code snippets.


In this version of the universal desktop client, you cannot use code snippets.


  1. In the Project Navigator, navigate to the file that you want to edit and double-click to open it.
  2. Type the shortcut for the code snippet and press Tab.
    AppBuilder inserts the code block and positions the caret in the first editable placeholder.

    You can press Ctrl+Space to toggle code completion and review the available code elements and code snippet shortcuts. Hover over a suggestion in the code completion menu to display its description and syntax, if applicable.

  3. Provide a value for the current placeholder.

  4. Navigate to another placeholder and provide a value for it.
    • Press Tab to navigate to the next placeholder.
    • Press Shift+Tab to navigate to the previous placeholder.
  5. When you have finished editing the code snippet, press Enter to position the caret after the code snippet.

Visual Studio

To perform this operation, apply your preferred Microsoft Visual Studio approach, extension or tool. For more information about code snippets in Microsoft Visual Studio, see Code Snippets.


To perform this operation, apply the approach or tool available for your current IDE.

Next Steps

Expand the default collection of code snippets by adding custom code snippets.

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