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Working with Platform-Specific Files

When you develop your mobile app, you might need to implement platform-specific functionality. For example, you might want to create a unique design for each platform. To do that, in AppBuilder, you can use platform-specific files. Platform-specific files target a selected mobile platform.

AppBuilder identifies and maintains files named name.platform.extension as platform-specific files. For example, AppBuilder identifies name.ios.extension as iOS-specific, as Android-specific and name.wp8.extension as Windows Phone-specific.

AppBuilder shows platform-specific files as file groups in the Project Navigator in the classic Windows desktop client, the universal desktop client and the in-browser client and in the Solution Explorer in the extension for Visual Studio. If the platform-specific files are named name.ios.extension, name.wp8.extension and, the file group is named name.extension. If the platform-specific files are named name.configuration.ios.extension, or name.configuration.wp8.extension, AppBuilder nests them under the name.configuration.extension file group, which is nested under the name.extension file group. You cannot run commands on file groups.

During the build process, AppBuilder adds the platform-specific file to its corresponding application package as name.extension. This is why in your code, you need to reference platform-specific files with name.extension instead of their complete file name.

Platform-specific files grouped in file groups

Limitations for Platform-Specific Development

When you develop platform-specific functionality, the following limitations apply.

  • In the Kendo UI Designer, you cannot design user interface with platform-specific files.
  • When you reference files that AppBuilder identifies as platform-specific, you need to reference them with the name of the file group.
  • If a third-party framework contains files that AppBuilder identifies as platform-specific, reference them with the name of the file group or rename the files.
  • To work with files which are platform- and configuration-specific simultaneously (*.debug.ios.* or **), your file names must use the following format:


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