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The classic Windows desktop client is a lightweight Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) IDE with many code editing capabilities such as advanced code analysis, syntax highlighting, typing assistance, autocompletion, code snippets, refactoring, code navigation, support for Emmet (Zen Coding) and others. In the classic Windows desktop client, you can work with JavaScript, TypeScript, LESS, CSS, HTML and XML files for your app and any XML, JAVA and Objective-C files for Apache Cordova plugins.

Telerik Platform apps created with the classic Windows desktop client are stored in the cloud and you cannot access and modify them from the extension for Visual Studio.

Layout of the Classic Windows Client

  1. The classic Windows desktop client shows important notifications and the name associated with your login credentials.
    The classic Windows desktop client shows notifications from the Telerik Platform and notifications about building and deploying your app on device.
    From the name associated with your login credentials, you can access a drop-down menu. The drop-down menu contains Options, Feedback, Show Keymapping and Logout.
  2. The Magic Box provides a quick way to get access to the available commands in the classic Windows desktop client.
  3. From the main menu bar, you can go back to the Dashboard, add content to the app, save, access version control, build, simulate and publish your app.
  4. In the code editor, you can open and modify JavaScript, LESS, CSS, HTML, XML, JAVA and Objective-C files. The classic Windows desktop client applies syntax highlighting to open files. To help you identify where a code block starts or ends, the classic Windows desktop client applies structural highlighting to your code.
  5. From the Project Navigator, you can access the app assets.
  6. From the status bar, you can access the Output, Errors, Code Analysis, Find Results and Mobile Devices pane.

For HTML files, you can open the code editor in code, designer or split view. For more information about the Kendo UI Designer, see Developing the User Interface.

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