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Download and Install the Command-Line Interface

With the command-line interface, you can combine the Telerik Platform cloud services with your preferred third-party integrated development environment (IDE) or code editor.



  1. Run a command prompt.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter.

    OS Node.js installed from Node.js installed via package manager
    Windows npm install appbuilder -g npm install appbuilder -g
    macOS sudo npm install appbuilder -g --unsafe-perm npm install appbuilder -g
    Linux sudo npm install appbuilder -g --unsafe-perm npm install appbuilder -g

    On macOS system, this operation also installs the ios-sim-portable package which lets you run your app in the native iOS Simulator. For more information, see ios-sim-portable in the NPM Registry.

  3. On macOS systems, if prompted, confirm that you want to install the Xcode command-line developer tools.

  4. After the operation completes, restart the command prompt.
  5. (Optional) If you are working with the command-line interface behind a web proxy, you can use the following commands to configure or inspect your proxy settings.
    • To set the full URL to the proxy, as well as the appropriate username and password (any special symbols in the credentials should be escaped manually):
    appbuilder proxy set <Url> <Username> <Password>
    • To check the current settings of your proxy:
    appbuilder proxy get
    • To clear the settings of your proxy, including the credentials:
    appbuilder proxy clear
  6. To check if your system is configured properly for the command-line interface, run the following command.

    appbuilder doctor
  7. Address any configuration issues reported in Step 6 to ensure that the command-line interface can work properly on your system.

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