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Development Services

The Progress Telerik Platform moves your app development to the cloud by providing you with file storage, version control and compile and build services in AppBuilder.

In addition, you can enable and integrate the Progress Telerik Platform Backend services - data, user management, notifications, as well as the Progress Analytics and Progress Feedback services.

This article lists the services you can integrate and use in AppBuilder.

Progress AppBuilder Built-In Services

When you use AppBuilder to develop the code for your mobile apps, the following services are available to you out of the box:

  • File storage for the files in your app
  • Version control
  • Compile services
  • Build services
  • AppBuilder LiveSync

Progress Telerik Platform Services


Views(also Screen Builder) is a service for visual code-less development. It lets you quickly create apps for hybrid or NativeScript mobile development customized for your development requirements without the need for writing a single line of code. You can choose navigation style, user interface skin and default home page. You can connect to a data provider, add user registration and authentication and insert lists, forms and fields.

Data, Users, Notifications, Business Logic

The four basic backend services of the Telerik Platform let you focus on developing the frontend of your app in AppBuilder by providing you with the following cloud services:

  • File storage for files uploaded by your users
  • User management, including authentication, authorization and privilege control
  • Social login for users
  • Storage for data that your app needs to access
  • Management for content types and fields in the cloud
  • Cloud code to add functionality to your app before and after create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations on content types
  • Cloud code log for debugging and for tracking events associated with your app
  • Push notifications


You can enable the Analytics service for your app and integrate it in your code to get real-time statistics for your app. You can review the following analytics for your app in the Analytics tab for your app in the Telerik Platform:

  • User demographics
  • New and returning users
  • Usage patterns
  • Error tracking
  • Crash reports


This service is not available for NativeScript apps.

You can enable the Feedback service and integrate it in your app to gather actionable feedback from your users. Users can send you comments and screenshots as they use your app.

App Distribution

When you build mobile apps with Telerik Platform, you can distribute them to testers and users via the public app stores or in your own private store.

  • You can upload your apps to the major public app stores.
  • You can upload your apps to your private app store in Telerik Platform (accessible via the App Distribution tab in your account).
  • You can update your published apps with the AppManager LiveSync service.

AppManager LiveSync

AppManager LiveSync is a distribution service that lets you deliver updates straight to an installed app on the devices of your end users. The updates must be to existing assets in your app and must not modify the original functionality of your app. For example, you can push bug fixes and update graphic resources.

Verified Plugins Marketplace

The Verified Plugins Marketplace provides Apache Cordova and NativeScript custom plugins, verified and tested to work in apps developed with the Telerik Platform. With these custom plugins, you can extend the functionality of your app with features that are not available in the core framework of your app. For more information, see The Verified Plugins.

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