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You can enable one or more of the integrated Apache Cordova plugins to extend the functionality of your app. The integrated plugins are custom Apache Cordova plugins that the AppBuilder team modifies, configures and updates regularly. With them, you can access native operating system functionality that the core Apache Cordova plugins do not provide.

You can choose which plugins to enable when you build with the debug and the release configurations.

The integrated plugins are not available for Apache Cordova 4.x apps.

AppBuilder provides integration with the following Apache Cordova plugins.

Integrated Plugin Description Documentation
BarcodeScanner Lets you scan and encode barcodes. Plugin Readme
PushPlugin Lets you receive push notifications in your app. Plugin Readme
SQLite Plugin Lets you work with SQL databases in your app.
The ChildBrowser integrated plugin is supported only on Apache Cordova 2.x.
Plugin Readme
ChildBrowser Lets you use a web browser to open links and files.
The ChildBrowser plugin is deprecated, use the InAppBrowser core plugin instead.
Plugin Readme
Telerik AppManager LiveSync Lets you deliver updates and bug fixes to an already published app without the need to re-build and re-submit the application package for review in the app stores. You can distribute an update for any AppManager LiveSync-enabled app that is already live in AppManager, Google Play, Apple App Store or Windows Phone Store. Plugin Documentation

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