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Remove an App from Your Android Device

To perform a clean run on device after multiple changes to your app, you might need to uninstall the app completely by performing the following steps.


  1. Perform the following steps on the Android device.
    1. Disconnect the device from your system.
    2. Go to SettingsApplicationsManage Applications.
    3. Locate your app in the list and tap it.
    4. Tap Uninstall and confirm the uninstall.
    5. Return to the home screen.
    6. Go to SettingsWireless and networkUSB utilities.
    7. Tap Connect storage to PC and confirm that you want to turn USB debugging off.
    8. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.
    9. Tap Connect storage to PC.
    10. Tap Connect USB storage.
  2. Perform the following steps on your Windows system.
    1. Run Windows Explorer to browse to the Android device which is listed as a removable disk.
    2. Browse to \removable disk\AppBuilder.
    3. Locate the directory that corresponds to the name of your app name.
    4. Delete the directory from the device.
  3. On your Android device, tap Disconnect storage from PC.

Next Steps

Build and re-deploy your app.

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