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When your app is production-ready, you can distribute it to your end users. To distribute your app to the public, you need to build and publish it to Google Play, the App Store or the Windows Phone Store.

If you want to distribute your Android app only to a limited number of end users, you need to build the app for publishing and send out the application package to your users.

If you want to distribute your iOS app only to a limited number of end users, you need to build it with an Ad Hoc code-signing identity and send out the application package, the QR code or the download link for the app to your users.

AppBuilder produces the QR codes and the download URLs to your built content per build. Your shared QR codes or URLs provide access to a particular build and have a limited life.

For apps that target Apache Cordova 3.5.0 or later, you can enable AppManager LiveSync. AppManager LiveSync is a Telerik Platform distribution service that lets you quickly deliver updates and bug fixes to an already published app without the need to re-build and re-submit the application package for review in the app stores. For more information, see Update Your App with Telerik AppManager LiveSync.

You can also use the Telerik Platform App Distribution service to distribute your app to end users. For more information, see Build and Distribute Your App with the App Distribution Service.

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