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Code Signing Assistance For App Development

To build, deploy, and debug your app on a connected iOS device you need to sign it with a development provisioning profile. This is the only provisioning profile that enables debugging on device. With this type of provisioning profile, you can run your apps only on the devices included in the provisioning profile and you cannot publish apps in the App Store.

The AppBuilder code signing assistance wizard will help you create a valid development provisioning profile with all of its provisioning assets. You can also create a development provisioning profile in the iOS Dev Center.

To build and deploy apps on an iOS device you need an Apple ID. Apple Developer Program Membership is not required. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, you can create one here.


  • Verify that the extension for Visual Studio is running and you are logged in.
  • Verify that you have opened the code for your app in AppBuilder.
  • Verify that you have connected at least one iOS device to your system via USB cable.


  1. In the top menu bar, click AppBuilderBuild <app_name> and Deploy.
  2. In the Build And Deploy dialog, if an issue is present, the Fix Issue button will be available. Click it to open the code signing assistance wizard.
  3. In the Credentials tab, provide your Apple ID and password. Click Next.
  4. In the Team tab, choose an available team. Click Next.
  5. In the Status tab you can see the current state of the App ID, certificate, provisioning and devices in AppBuilder and the iOS Dev Center.
    • A green check mark icon is shown when no issue is present.
    • A blue cogwheel icon is shown when AppBuilder can resolve the issue successfully.
    • A red X icon is shown when AppBuilder cannot resolve the issue and the user should handle it manually.
      Hover the mouse pointer over the light bulb to see additional information.
  6. (Optional) Close the wizard to handle any issues that require manual resolution.
  7. Read the AppBuilder disclaimer in the bottom right corner and select I Agree. Click Next.
    This will close the wizard and generate a valid development provisioning profile and import it in AppBuilder.
  8. In the Build and Deploy dialog, select the build configuration that you want to apply. Click Run to deploy your app on the connected device.

Next Steps

Continue development. After modifying your code, refresh or re-deploy your app.

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