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The section is aimed primarily at developers.

Here you will find detailed information on how to integrate and use Analytics in your own application. The sections will describe:

  • Troubleshooting - where to look when things don't work as expected
  • Monitor Integration - learn how to integrate the monitor into your application
  • Functionality - delve into the behavior and reasoning behind the monitor API
  • Data Lifecycle - understand when and where statistics data is stored and sent
  • Installations - learn how to uniquely identify individual installations

A note on platform variations

The Analytics monitor is available on many platforms and languages, such as Javascript, C#/VB.NET, C++, C, Objective-C, and Java.

We have strived to make the API, the naming conventions, and the behavior as similar as possible across all these platforms and languages. The documentation will contain sample code for all platforms and languages but it will generally also be possible for developers to understand examples and forum postings in another language than what they are used to. For example, here is how the API for creating and starting the monitor looks like in variations:

// C# for .NET, WinRT, Silverlight etc
IAnalyticsMonitor monitor = AnalyticsMonitorFactory.CreateMonitor("key");

// Javascript for AppBuilder hybrid mobile apps
var monitor = global.plugins.EqatecAnalytics.Factory.CreateMonitor("key");

// C++ for Windows
IAnalyticsMonitor *monitor = AnalyticsMonitorFactory::CreateMonitor("key", "1.0");

// C for Windows and plain DLL exports for interop with eg VB, Delphi
Eqatec_IAnalyticsMonitor *monitor = Eqatec_AnalyticsMonitorFactory_CreateMonitor("...", "1.0");

// Objective-C for iOS and MacOSX
EQATECAnalyticsMonitor *monitor = [EQATECAnalyticsMonitor monitorWithProductId:@"..." version:@"1.0"];
[monitor start];

// Java for Android and J2SE devices
IAnalyticsMonitor monitor = AnalyticsMonitorFactory.createMonitor("...", new Version("1.0));
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