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Introduction to Analytics

Analytics is an application analytics service that enables you to get detailed metrics from your application. It allows you to track a number of aspects of your applications across multiple platforms, including:

  • Application starts and runtime
  • Environment and versioning information
  • User and session views
  • Tracking specific features
  • Tracking timing and discrete values
  • Tracking exceptions within your application

How does it work?

To use Analytics you include a small monitor object into your application and call a few lines of code. Once integrated the monitor runs in the background and delivers collected analytics data to the Analytics servers all by itself.

The Analytics service at a glance

The Analytics Monitor is a platform-specific software component that your developers must explicitly integrate into your application. There are monitors for a wide set of platforms, from handheld devices to backend servers.

The Analytics Service holds your data for months or years, depending on your subscription plan.

The Analytics Client is where analysts can view and query the data, using our fast HTML client on any browser.

Further introductions

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