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  • Progress Telerik Platform Analytics Discontinuation FAQ

Progress Telerik Platform Analytics Discontinuation FAQ

Progress is discontinuing Telerik Platform and all services and tools constituting it, including Progress Telerik Platform Analytics. This document provides common questions and answers about this transition.

When will Analytics be discontinued?

  • From November 10, 2017, Progress will no longer sell new subscriptions or offer renewals of subscriptions for the Analytics service for periods that extend beyond May 10, 2018.
  • From May 10, 2018, the Analytics service will no longer be accessible.

What will happen to already published apps that use the Analytics service after May 10, 2018? Will they continue to work as expected?

Published applications that rely on the Analytics service will continue to work as expected after the discontinuation of Telerik Platform. However, no analytics data will be stored on our servers and if you require such service, you have to migrate to one of the solutions suggested below or one of your own choosing and update your app accordingly.

What will happen to the incoming data after May 10, 2018? Why am I getting HTTP 200 from the server?

After the discontinuation of Telerik Platform, any incoming analytics information will be disregarded and no data will be stored on our servers. An HTTP 200 response will be introduced for all request made to the Analytics service. This will ensure that all published applications will continue to function as expected and will not crash on analytics requests.

Can I continue to use Analytics after the discontinuation?

The Analytics service will be available until May 10, 2018. After this date, the service will cease to operate and you will no longer be able to access it.

What product maintenance and customer support should I expect until May 10, 2018?

We will continue to provide quality customer service and resolve any critical bugs or security vulnerabilities reported to us. We are not going to introduce new features.

What alternative solutions are available?

In order to help you migrate to a suitable alternative, we have evaluated several third-party analytics services.

Telerik has endeavored to provide useful migration advice within this FAQ and has identified a few of the more prominent alternative technologies generally available within today’s marketplace. However, neither Telerik nor its affiliates offers any guarantees or assurances regarding the migration methods or technologies described/referenced or their suitability for your particular purposes. We encourage you to use the time between now and May 10, 2018 to investigate and determine the suitability of these and other methods/alternatives to your needs. The use of any migration functionality made available via or in conjunction with Telerik Platform is subject to the terms and conditions of the General Terms of Service for Progress Telerik Platform and any applicable Additional Terms (all of which are accessible here:


Countly is our first recommendation because it offers features similar to those of Telerik Analytics. It is also one of the few providers that offers a .NET SDK. Below you can find a couple of relevant links to the official Countly documentation.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is marketed as one of the leaders in data analytics. The Google Analytics for Firebase solution is created specifically to gather analytics data about mobile applications.


Here are some of the providers that we have evaluated but did not make the recommended list because they are missing some of the key featured offered by Telerik Analytics.

Where can I get more information about the discontinuation?

Contact us: +1-888-365-2779
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