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Top X Widget

Top X widgets give you the possibility to see the the top values for a given metric in a summary or grid-like manner.

Top X widgets are not applicable to all metrics. You can use them only with metrics that would make sense to have top results showing. Here are the metrics that u can select Top X widgets for: Time of day, Geo Data, Loyalty, All Versions, Major versions, Major and minor versions, Operating System, Operating system version, Framework, Memory, Architecture, CPU, Languages, Screen resolution, Number of screens, Screen Dpi as well as Feature Use, Feature Value and Feature Timing. There are 3 types of top X widgets.

Top 1

Top 1 widget is in the form of a summary. It shows the top value of the metric selected. In the example below that would be the United States. This means that in the the US are either located most of the users or the daily session originated from there are the most depending on what you have selected for the filters above.


Top 5

The information in the Top 5 widget is represented by a grid. Again showing the top five values of the metric selected taking into consideration the selected filters.


Top 10

Top 10 widget is very similar to the Top 5 widget with the difference that it shows ten instead of five top results.


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