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Custom Scripts

The Analytics client allows you to access custom created scripts that have been made available for a specific application by the Analytics Team. This page explains how to interact with the scripts.

The Analytics service allows for custom data extraction scripts to be developed one a per-script basis by the Analytics Team in close cooperation with the owners of an account. If such custom scripts have been developed, you can access them under your application settings.


In the example screenshot above, a single custom script is available for execution. A custom script can be selected and executed by the user. The execution is performed in the background and the results will be sent to the user via email.

The specific contents of the custom script and how it executes the queries is part of the cooperation effort but the results are always delivered in a CSV-formatted file attached to an email.

Some scripts accepts parameters as inputs to the execution. Please use the tooltips on the input fields to better understand the acceptable formats of the input fields.

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