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Application Timestamps

Describes how date and time information is processed as data arrives in the analytics services and how this information is displayed within the analytics client.

The data that is collected from your end users are being received and processed by the Analytics servers. Data may be received delayed from the time when it was actually tracked on the device of the end user so the Analytics servers ensures that data is converted to a time matching the global time when the data was actually tracked.

Time data is usually represented in two ways in the various data reports in the Analytics client:

  • Server time which represents the global time on the server when the data was tracked. To achieve a uniform global time for data arriving from all corners of the earth, the server time is represented in UTC as a global uniform date and time. The means that data recorded at e.g. 3 PM in New York will not be represented as 3 PM but as the equivalent UTC time, which is 8 PM.
  • Client time is registered at the end user and will reflect the time on the device the data is recorded in. So for data recored as 3 PM in New York the client time will say 3 PM (or whatever the time on the device says).

Session Scoped Data

All you tracked data is related to the session within which the data was tracked. Each session have a start time measured in server time and tracking data is typically related to this start time. This means that all feature tracking data that is registered as part of a session that is started on the 3rd of February will appear in the data visualizations on the start date, even if the tracking actually occurred later. This may be confusing if you are zooming in on single session but in the bigger picture of many sessions tracking data, this behavior evens out the tracked data.

One notable exception to this behavior is the exception data, which is actually tracked in the server time at which they appear, rather than at the start time of their parent session. This means that for a session that was started at 8 PM (server time) on the 3rd of February will have all features registered on the 3rd of February but e.g. an individual exception that occurred 10 hours after starting the session will be registered at 6 AM on the 4th of February.

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