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Environment data presents data on the configuration of the devices on which your customers are using your application. You'll be able to gain insights into the nature of the different devices your users are using and understand if your expectations and requirements are meet in the real world.

When integrating the analytics monitor into your application, information on the hosting device on which your application is run is automatically collected each time your application starts. This data, which will vary dependent upon your target platform, presents you with information on the standard (and non-standard) configurations that are used to run your application. See an example of the kinds of data that is collected in the screenshot below:


Please note, that the list of collected environment data differs between the various supported platforms. For instance, desktop applications in .NET will collect information on the Number of screens which iOS applications does not.

As mentioned, this data is collected automatically by the monitor without the need for the hosting application to call any additional API calls. If you have additional data that you think fits well inside the environment data, you can refer to the information contained in the article on Tracking Features.

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