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Locating Specific Sessions

This article will show you the ways you can drill down into your data to discover information from a specific session

Since the analytics data is inherently seesion-centric you may find that you'd like to access the full context of a specific session that has been tracked. This could be because you are tracking down the root cause of an exception, because you are trying to verify your instrumentation code or for some other reason. Regardless, the analytics service allows you to locate sessions in a couple of different ways.

Searching for Sessions

You can attempt to find sessions by searching for them on the session report which allows you to search for sessions matching either a known anonymous id or an installation id.


If your search term match any items, each of these are displayed and you can select one of the specific item which will bring out all the sessions matching this item:


Note from the screenshot the blueish selected item from the search results which results in a single session which is shown at the bottom. By clicking on the link at the left of the specific session you'll be navigated to the specific session details for more details on the session.

Through Exception Samples

You can also navigate from the sample shown in the exception details and in to the sessions details for the session that caused the specific exception sample. This can be done from any exception details page by selecting the Samples tab to show the list of exception samples matching the filter:


Notice the two highlighted sections in the screenshot. The link to the left on each exception sample will navigate you directly to the session details while the link on the right hand side will navigate you to the session search page to find all sessions from this user.

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