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Sharing Dashboards

Using shared dashboards one can provide a read-only view of a particular dashboard to anyone. This makes it extremely easy to present certain aspects of your application to whom you need to regardles if your audience are managers or developers.

What is Sharing

With sharing one can share a particular dashboard with non Analytics users. The shared dashboard is a actualy a normal dashboard opened in read-only mode. When in sharing mode the dashboard is interactive, i.e. one can set filters for time or location, but the user can not change the widgets, their size or position.

How it works

The user can share a dashboard by going to a particular Custom Dashboard and pressing the Share button.


This opens a popup with options to enable or disable the sharing for this dashbaord. When the user shares the dashboard, the system generates a shareable link.


The link can then be distributed among friends or colleagues. There is no password protection so one should be careful whom he is sharing the dashbord with. However the user can revoke the sharing at any time by simply pressing the toggle button. If later on he wants to share the dashboard again a fresh new link (different from the old one) will be generated.

Note: the sharing link actually opens exactly the same dashbaord but in read only mode. Changes inside the dashboard are reflected when it is accessed through it shareable link.

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