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Session Details

Being able to access full data history for a specific recorded session can prove invaluable for troubleshooting issues and understand how users interact with your software.

The Session Details report will allow you to get a full view into the data that has been recorded within a single session on your software. The page offers extended context for the session, including:

  • The environment on which the session was recorded, such as OS, Language and Memory
  • The time the session was started
  • The list of different features tracked in the session
  • A chronological list of the exceptions, feature timing and feature values tracked on the session

All this detail will assist you in troubleshooting issues for your software such as understanding which environment the software was running on, if the session encountered a number of issues or if some of the tracked features indicate a non-standard use of the software.

The example screenshot below shows an example session detail:


Note that any exceptions listed in the chronological events are linking back to the full exception details to allow you to go back to a bigger picture on the exception.

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