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Live view allows you to view data as it enters our server to enable you to e.g. validate your tracking instrumentation as you integrate the monitor into your software

The Live enables you to take a peek into the session data as it is arriving at the Analytics servers. This is typically useful when your are validating your instrumentation into your own application. See the example screenshot below for a view of how incoming data is presented:


From this list you can click the link icon on the left hand side to access the full details of the received session data.

Finding your own data

The best way to find your own data is to look for your own IP address as your software is running and then use the filter icon on the Anonymous ID to isolate the list to only the data coming from your machine. Clicking the filtering mechanism will allow you to only search for the data coming from your machine. Alternatively you may have access to the Installatation ID or even the actual Anonymous ID for your machine, in which case you can use the session report to find data from your machine.

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