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Exception Lifecycle

When exception items are created in the Analytics service, these exception items will each go through a simple life cycle that helps dictate the state of the exception. This page will describe this lifecycle.

Once the exception item is encountered and created by the Analytics service, the exception item will exist in a simple lifecycle that dictates a number of states for the exception item. These lifecycle states are meant to indicate how the exception item is handled by you and also influence how new exceptions matching the exception item are processed and how the item is visualized.

Exception Item States

The following states are defined in the system:

  • New indicating that the exception item has been created but has not yet been accessed in the Analytics client
  • Open means that someone has accessed the exception in the Analytics client
  • Resolved means that the exception item has explicitly been marked as resolved in the software
  • Reopened which is an exception that was previously Resolved but has been activated again
  • Ignored is used to completely mute an exception

How the Exception Item moves between states

When the exception item is discovered it starts out in the New state. This is changed to the Open state when a user access the exception details of the exception item in the Analytics client.

A user can also actively change the state of one or more exception items either from the exception page or directly on the exception details page by invoking the Action buttons that change the state of the selected exception items. This is typically used to mark an exception item as either Resolved (to indicate that the exception has been fixed and the specific exception should not occur in newer versions of the software) or Ignored (to indicate that the exception is no longer relevant). When changing the state of an exception item you are allowed to enter an appropriate comment describing the change in state.

Automatic Reopening of Exception Items

If an exception item has been marked as Resolved, the system automatically detects if the same exception occurs in a newer version of the application. If this is the case, the system adds an appropriate comment and changes the state of the exception item to Reopened. If you are not interested in having the exception item reopened even if encountered in a newer version of the software, you should set the state of the exception item to Ignored instead of Resolved.

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