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App Health Overview

Health overview gives you a nice and neat perspective on all of the exceptions that happened in the entire lifetime of your product. You are presented with different types of charts, grids and summaries in order to better grasp the overall health of your app.

There are seven widgets that present exception data in different ways so you can get a 360 view of what is crashing in your application and when this happened. We will go through those widgets and explain what they display.


Exceptions Overview

  • Total Cases - Shows the total number of cases for this application. If you are not sure what case is you can read more on how exceptions are processed here.
  • Top Version - Shows the version of your product in which the most exceptions were raised.
  • Top OS - Shows the Operating system on which your application have crashed the most.
  • Top Case - Shows the case which contains the most exception instances.



Here you can see all the exceptions for the lifetime of your product by day. They are displayed in a line chart which shows you if there are any ups and downs in certain periods. Additionally you have a few options in the widget menu, which allow you to change the represenation into column chart as well as export the data to CSV.


Exception Types

A pie chart representation of the exception types for the entire application lifetime. It shows the top 4 exception types. All other exceptions are included in an "other" section. This view basically shows you which exception type is thrown the most so you can identify key problematic areas in your application.


Exceptions by Versions

A grid showing you the top 5 most problematic versions of your app. By problematic we mean the most exceptions were thrown in this particular version.


Exceptions by OSs

Here you can see on which operating systems your applications crashes the most. Again in the second column you see the exceptions count and in the first column is the name of the operating system.


Cases - Affected Versions

Top 5 cases which contain exceptions affecting the most versions. In the second column you can see the number of versions affected and in the first column you see the case number.


Cases - Affected Users

Top 5 cases affecting the most unique users. Again the first column shows the case number. The second column shows the number of unique users who experienced this exception.


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