Support for Progress® Kendo UI® Components

The following table lists all Kendo UI components with regard to their support per product.

Data Management
Grid No Yes
Spreadsheet No Yes
ListView Yes Yes
PivotGrid No Yes
TreeList No Yes
AutoComplete Yes Yes
Color Picker Yes Yes
ComboBox Yes Yes
DatePicker Yes Yes
DateRangePicker No Yes
DateTimePicker Yes Yes
DropDownList Yes Yes
DropDownTree No Yes
Editor No Yes
ListBox Yes Yes
MaskedTextBox Yes Yes
MultiColumnComboBox No Yes
MultiSelect Yes Yes
NumericTextBox Yes Yes
Slider Yes Yes
Switch No Yes
TimePicker Yes Yes
Upload No Yes
Validator Yes Yes
Conversational UI
Chat No Yes
Area Charts No Yes
Bar Charts No Yes
Box Plot Charts No Yes
Bubble Charts No Yes
Bullet Charts No Yes
Chart API No Yes
Donut Charts No Yes
Funnel Charts No Yes
Line Charts No Yes
Pie Charts No Yes
Polar Charts No Yes
Radar Charts No Yes
Range Bar Charts No Yes
Scatter Charts No Yes
Sparklines No Yes
Stock Charts No Yes
TreeMap No Yes
Waterfall Charts No Yes
ArcGauge No Yes
LinearGauge No Yes
RadialGauge No Yes
Barcode No Yes
QR Code No Yes
Diagram and Maps
Diagram No Yes
Map No Yes
Calendar Yes Yes
Gantt No Yes
MultiViewCalendar No Yes
Scheduler No Yes
Dialog Yes Yes
Notification Yes Yes
Responsive Panel Yes Yes
Splitter Yes Yes
Tooltip Yes Yes
Window Yes Yes
Button Yes Yes
ButtonGroup Yes Yes
Drawer No Yes
Menu Yes Yes
PanelBar Yes Yes
TabStrip Yes Yes
ToolBar Yes Yes
TreeView No Yes
Interactivity and UX
Drag-and-Drop Yes Yes
Effects Yes Yes
ProgressBar Yes Yes
Sortable Yes Yes
Styling Yes Yes
Media Player No Yes
ScrollView No Yes
Hybrid UI
Widgets Yes Yes
Mobile Application Yes Yes
Mobile Forms Yes Yes
Mobile Layout Yes Yes
Mobile SplitView Yes Yes
Mobile Theme Builder Yes Yes
Mobile Touch Events Yes Yes
Mobile View Yes Yes
Tools, Frameworks and Utilities
Chrome Inspector Yes Yes
DataSource Yes Yes
Drawing API No Yes
Excel Export No Yes
Globalization Yes Yes
HierarchicalDataSource Yes Yes
AngularJS Integration Yes Yes
Bootstrap Friendly Yes Yes
Localization Yes Yes
MVVM Integration Yes Yes
PDF Export No Yes
Single-Page Application Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes
ThemeBuilder Yes Yes
PDFViewer No Yes
Official Support No Yes

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