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Use the Mobile View of the Toolbar

To enable the mobile view of the ToolBar widget:

  1. Add the mobile styles.
  2. To configure the position of the tools to be rendered—left or right—use the align option.
  3. Initialize kendo.mobile.Application().

The example below demonstrates how to use the mobile view of the Toolbar. It is recommended that you open it in Dojo.

<div id="toolbar"></div>
    items: [
          { type: "button", text: "Button 1", align: "left" },
          { type: "button", text: "Button 2", align: "left" },
          { type: "button", text: "Button 3" },
          { type: "button", text: "Button 4" }

  var app = new kendo.mobile.Application(document.body);

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