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Restrict Window Positioning

The example below demonstrates how to restrict the movement of a Kendo UI Window to a certain area.

    <div id="window">
      Window content
      $(function() {

        function onWindowDrag (e) {
          var windowWrapper = winObject.wrapper,
              windowPosition = windowWrapper.offset(),
              shouldOverridePosition = false,
              newTop = windowPosition.top,
              newLeft = windowPosition.left;

          if (windowPosition.top > 200) {
            shouldOverridePosition = true;
            newTop = 200;

          if (windowPosition.left > 200) {
            shouldOverridePosition = true;
            newLeft = 200;

          if (shouldOverridePosition) {
            windowWrapper.css({top: newTop, left: newLeft});

        var winObject = $("#window").kendoWindow({
          width: 600,
          height: 300,
          position: {
            top: 0,
            left: 0
          title: "Kendo UI Window"

        winObject.dragging._draggable.bind("drag", onWindowDrag);
        // dragging represents a WindowDragging object, which is a wrapper around a Kendo UI Draggable instance
        // _draggable represents the Draggable instance that you can bind events to

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