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Post to Iframe

The example below demonstrates how to post to the iframe content of the Kendo UI Window.

    <button id="refresh" class="k-button k-primary">Post content to iframe</button>

      $("#refresh").click(function(e) {

        var id = "target_iframe";

        var dialog = $("<div><iframe class='k-content-frame' name='" + id + "'></div>").kendoWindow({
          width: "615px",
          title: "Posting to iframe example",
          close: function() { this.destroy() },
          iframe: true


        $("<form />", {
            action: "http://www.example.com/",
            method: "post",
            target: id
               // add any data
              .append("<input name='foo' />").find("[name=foo]").val("bar").end()

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