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Besides the standard filter options, the MultiColumnComboBox allows you to set fields against which the data will be filtered.

The option accepts an array of strings.

<input id="multicolumncombobox" />
        dataTextField: "text",
        dataValueField: "value",
        filter: "contains",
        filterFields: ["text", "value"],
        dataSource: [
            { text: "Apples", value: "1", subtitle: "subtitle 1", width: 150 },
            { text: "Oranges", value: "2", subtitle: "subtitle 2"},
            { text: "Kiwis", value: "3", subtitle: "subtitle 3"}
        columns: [
            { field: "text", title: "Text" },
            { field: "value", title: "Value" },
            { field: "subtitle", title: "SubTitle" }

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