Setting Selections

The Editor works with standard range objects that provide a polyfill for Internet Explorer versions that do not fully support them.

Setting the Editor Selection

To set the Editor selection, create a Range object that specifies the desired selection and pass it to the selectRange method.

The following example demonstrates how to set the Editor selections.

<textarea id="editor"></textarea>
  var editor = $("#editor").kendoEditor().data("kendoEditor");


  var strong = $("strong", editor.body)[0];
  var em = $("em", editor.body)[0]

  // get a Range object within the Editor document
  var range = editor.createRange();

  // set range start after **f**
  range.setStart(strong.firstChild, 1);

  // set range end before **r**
  range.setEnd(em.firstChild, 2);

  // set editor selection to a given range

Note that the second parameter of the setStart and setEnd methods works differently with the Element and Text nodes.

For the Text nodes, the range boundary is set between the characters of the node

  • 0 means "before all characters".
  • 1 means "between the first and the second character".

For the Element nodes, the range boundary is set between the child nodes:

  • 0 means "at the start of the element".
  • element.childNodes.length means "after all children".

For more information, refer to the tutorial on Range objects on Quirksmode.

Working with Custom Tools in IE

Because Internet Explorer keeps a single instance of the selection and the range, any custom tools that draw the focus away from the content area apply the executed command at the begging of the content instead of at the caret position. To prevent this behavior, cache the range and re-select it at the correct moments.

The following example shows how to implement a custom tool in a DropDownList with its filtering enabled.

<textarea id="editor" rows="10" cols="30" style="width:100%;height:400px">

<script type="text/x-kendo-template" id="custom-template">
    <label for='templateTool' style='vertical-align:middle;'>Insert tag:</label>
    <input id='templateTool' style='width: 130px;' />

        tools: [
                name: "customTemplate",
                template: $("#custom-template").html()

  var _Editor_Range = null;

    filter: "contains",
    dataTextField: "text",
    dataValueField: "value",
    change: function(e) {
            var editor = $("#editor").data("kendoEditor");
      editor.exec("inserthtml", { value: e.sender.value() });
    open: function () {
        var editor = $("#editor").data("kendoEditor");
      _Editor_Range = editor.getRange();
    dataSource: [
      { text: "Item1", value: 1 },
      { text: "Item2", value: 2 },
      { text: "Item3", value: 3 }

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