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Resize Calendar Based on Input Width

The following example demonstrates how to resize the nested Kendo UI Calendar based on the width of the DatePicker input element.

      <div id="example">
            <div id="email-settings">
                <div style="margin-top: -6px; margin-left: 180px">
                    <input id="datepicker" value="10/10/2011" style="width:150px;" />
                <div style="margin-top: 59px; margin-left: 180px">
                    <input id="monthpicker" value="November 2011" style="width:150px" />
            $(document).ready(function() {
                // create DatePicker from input HTML element
                  open: function() {
                    var calendar = this.dateView.calendar;

                    calendar.wrapper.width(this.wrapper.width() - 6);

                    // defines the start view
                    start: "year",

                    // defines when the calendar should return date
                    depth: "year",

                    // display month and year in the input
                    format: "MMMM yyyy"
            <style scoped>
                #example h2 {
                    font-weight: normal;
                #email-settings {
                    height: 135px;
                    width: 395px;
                    margin: 30px auto;
                    padding: 110px 0 0 30px;
                    background: url('../content/web/datepicker/mailSettings.png') transparent no-repeat 0 0;

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