Common Issues

This page provides solutions for common issues you might encounter while working with the Kendo UI AutoComplete widget.

Chrome AutoFill Popup

Chrome browser ignores the autocomplete="off" and ignores any value set to the attribute if the input name matches one of the predefined autofill fields.


Toggle the name attribute on focus and focusout.

    <input name="city" ID="City" required />
    var data = [
        "New York",
    var name;
    var CityAutoComplete = $("#City").kendoAutoComplete({
        dataSource: data,
        filter: "startswith",
        placeholder: "Select city...",
        separator: ", "

    CityAutoComplete.element.on("focus", function () {
        name =; = kendo.guid().substr(0, 8);
    CityAutoComplete.element.on("focusout", function () { = name;


Use a name attribute that is not contained in the predefined autofill fields of Chrome.

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