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Disable Mousewheel Zoom

The following example demonstrates how to disable the mousewheel zoom in the Map widget.

    <div id="map"></div>
    <div style="height: 1000px; color: #fff; background: purple; font-size: 24px; text-align: center;">Very high div</div>
      function createMap() {
          center: [30.268107, -97.744821],
          zoom: 3,
          layers: [{
            type: "tile",
            urlTemplate: "http://#= subdomain zoom #/#= x #/#= y #.png",
            subdomains: ["a", "b", "c"],
            attribution: "&copy; <a href=''>OpenStreetMap contributors</a>"
          markers: [{
            location: [30.268107, -97.744821],
            shape: "pinTarget",
            tooltip: {
              content: "Austin, TX"



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