List of toolbar Messages

The following list provides the messages and their namespaces under the toolbar category.

The toolbar messages are used to localize the Spreadsheet through JavaScript.

if (kendo.spreadsheet && kendo.spreadsheet.messages.toolbar) {
    kendo.spreadsheet.messages.toolbar =
    $.extend(true, kendo.spreadsheet.messages.toolbar,{
      //"nameSpace": "Message"
      "addColumnLeft": "Add column left",
      "addColumnRight": "Add column right",
      "addRowAbove": "Add row above",
      "addRowBelow": "Add row below",
      "alignment": "Alignment",
      "alignmentButtons": {
        "justtifyLeft": "Align left",
        "justifyCenter": "Center",
        "justifyRight": "Align right",
        "justifyFull": "Justify",
        "alignTop": "Align top",
        "alignMiddle": "Align middle",
        "alignBottom": "Align bottom"
      "backgroundColor": "Background",
      "bold": "Bold",
      "borders": "Borders",
      "copy": "Copy",
      "cut": "Cut",
      "deleteColumn": "Delete column",
      "deleteRow": "Delete row",
      "exportAs": "Export",
      "filter": "Filter",
      "fontFamily": "Font",
      "fontSize": "Font size",
      "format": "Custom format...",
      "formatTypes": {
        "automatic": "Automatic",
        "number": "Number",
        "percent": "Percent",
        "financial": "Financial",
        "currency": "Currency",
        "date": "Date",
        "time": "Time",
        "dateTime": "Date time",
        "duration": "Duration",
        "moreFormats": "More formats..."
      "formatDecreaseDecimal": "Decrease decimal",
      "formatIncreaseDecimal": "Increase decimal",
      "freeze": "Freeze panes",
      "freezeButtons": {
        "freezePanes": "Freeze panes",
        "freezeRows": "Freeze rows",
        "freezeColumns": "Freeze columns",
        "unfreeze": "Unfreeze panes"
      "italic": "Italic",
      "merge": "Merge cells",
      "mergeButtons": {
        "mergeCells": "Merge all",
        "mergeHorizontally": "Merge horizontally",
        "mergeVertically": "Merge vertically",
        "unmerge": "Unmerge"
      "paste": "Paste",
      "quickAccess": {
        "redo": "Redo",
        "undo": "Undo"
      "sort": "Sort",
      "sortButtons": {
        "sortRangeAsc": "Sort range A to Z",
        "sortRangeDesc": "Sort range Z to A"
      "textColor": "Text Color",
      "textWrap": "Wrap text",
      "underline": "Underline",
      "validation": "Data validation..."

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