List of filterMenu Messages

The following list provides the messages and their namespaces under the filterMenu category.

The filterMenu messages are used to localize the Spreadsheet through JavaScript.

if (kendo.spreadsheet && kendo.spreadsheet.messages.filterMenu) {
    kendo.spreadsheet.messages.filterMenu =
    $.extend(true, kendo.spreadsheet.messages.filterMenu,{
      //"nameSpace": "Message"
      "sortAscending": "Sort range A to Z",
      "sortDescending": "Sort range Z to A",
      "filterByValue": "Filter by value",
      "filterByCondition": "Filter by condition",
      "apply": "Apply",
      "search": "Search",
      "clear": "Clear",
      "blanks": "(Blanks)",
      "operatorNone": "None",
      "and": "AND",
      "or": "OR",
      "operators": {
        "string": {
          "contains": "Text contains",
          "doesnotcontain": "Text does not contain",
          "startswith": "Text starts with",
          "endswith": "Text ends with"
        "date": {
          "eq":  "Date is",
          "neq": "Date is not",
          "lt":  "Date is before",
          "gt":  "Date is after"
        "number": {
          "eq": "Is equal to",
          "neq": "Is not equal to",
          "gte": "Is greater than or equal to",
          "gt": "Is greater than",
          "lte": "Is less than or equal to",
          "lt": "Is less than"

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