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List of dialogs Messages

The following list provides the messages and their namespaces under the dialogs category.

The dialogs messages are used to localize the Spreadsheet through JavaScript.

if (kendo.spreadsheet && kendo.spreadsheet.messages.dialogs) {
    kendo.spreadsheet.messages.dialogs =
    $.extend(true, kendo.spreadsheet.messages.dialogs,{
      //"nameSpace": "Message"
      "apply": "Apply",
      "save": "Save",
      "cancel": "Cancel",
      "remove": "Remove",
      "okText": "OK",
      "formatCellsDialog": {
        "title": "Format",
        "categories": {
          "number": "Number",
          "currency": "Currency",
          "date": "Date"
      "fontFamilyDialog": {
        "title": "Font"
      "fontSizeDialog": {
        "title": "Font size"
      "bordersDialog": {
        "title": "Borders"
      "alignmentDialog": {
        "title": "Alignment",
        "buttons": {
         "justtifyLeft": "Align left",
         "justifyCenter": "Center",
         "justifyRight": "Align right",
         "justifyFull": "Justify",
         "alignTop": "Align top",
         "alignMiddle": "Align middle",
         "alignBottom": "Align bottom"
      "mergeDialog": {
        "title": "Merge cells",
        "buttons": {
          "mergeCells": "Merge all",
          "mergeHorizontally": "Merge horizontally",
          "mergeVertically": "Merge vertically",
          "unmerge": "Unmerge"
      "freezeDialog": {
        "title": "Freeze panes",
        "buttons": {
          "freezePanes": "Freeze panes",
          "freezeRows": "Freeze rows",
          "freezeColumns": "Freeze columns",
          "unfreeze": "Unfreeze panes"
      "validationDialog": {
        "title": "Data Validation",
        "hintMessage": "Please enter a valid {0} value {1}.",
        "hintTitle": "Validation {0}",
        "criteria": {
          "any": "Any value",
          "number": "Number",
          "text": "Text",
          "date": "Date",
          "custom": "Custom Formula"
        "comparers": {
          "greaterThan": "greater than",
          "lessThan": "less than",
          "between": "between",
          "notBetween": "not between",
          "equalTo": "equal to",
          "notEqualTo": "not equal to",
          "greaterThanOrEqualTo": "greater than or equal to",
          "lessThanOrEqualTo": "less than or equal to"
        "comparerMessages": {
          "greaterThan": "greater than {0}",
          "lessThan": "less than {0}",
          "between": "between {0} and {1}",
          "notBetween": "not between {0} and {1}",
          "equalTo": "equal to {0}",
          "notEqualTo": "not equal to {0}",
          "greaterThanOrEqualTo": "greater than or equal to {0}",
          "lessThanOrEqualTo": "less than or equal to {0}",
          "custom": "that satisfies the formula: {0}"
        "labels": {
          "criteria": "Criteria",
          "comparer": "Comparer",
          "min": "Min",
          "max": "Max",
          "value": "Value",
          "start": "Start",
          "end": "End",
          "onInvalidData": "On invalid data",
          "rejectInput": "Reject input",
          "showWarning": "Show warning",
          "showHint": "Show hint",
          "hintTitle": "Hint title",
          "hintMessage": "Hint message"
        "placeholders": {
          "typeTitle": "Type title",
          "typeMessage": "Type message"
      "exportAsDialog": {
        "title": "Save As...",
        "labels": {
          "fileName": "File name",
          "saveAsType": "Save as type"
      "modifyMergedDialog": {
        "errorMessage": "Cannot change part of a merged cell."
      "useKeyboardDialog": {
        "title": "Copying and pasting",
        "errorMessage": "These actions cannot be invoked through the menu. Please use the keyboard shortcuts instead:",
        "labels": {
          "forCopy": "for copy",
          "forCut": "for cut",
          "forPaste": "for paste"
      "unsupportedSelectionDialog": {
        "errorMessage": "That action cannot be performed on multiple selection."

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