List of borderPalette Messages

The following list provides the messages and their namespaces under the borderPalette category.

The borderPalette messages are used to localize the Spreadsheet through JavaScript.

if (kendo.spreadsheet && kendo.spreadsheet.messages.borderPalette) {
    kendo.spreadsheet.messages.borderPalette =
    $.extend(true, kendo.spreadsheet.messages.borderPalette,{
      //"nameSpace": "Message"
      "allBorders": "All borders",
      "insideBorders": "Inside borders",
      "insideHorizontalBorders": "Inside horizontal borders",
      "insideVerticalBorders": "Inside vertical borders",
      "outsideBorders": "Outside borders",
      "leftBorder": "Left border",
      "topBorder": "Top border",
      "rightBorder": "Right border",
      "bottomBorder": "Bottom border",
      "noBorders": "No border"

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