OLAP Fundamentals

The PivotGrid resembles a pivot-table widget that uses Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) concepts for representing multidimensional data.

Basic OLAP Concepts

What Is OLAP?

OLAP is an acronym that stands for Online Analytical Processing. It allows access to data that is aggregated and organized in a multidimensional structure called a "cube". OLAP tools enable users to interactively perform analysis over multidimensional data.

For detailed information on what OLAP is and the way it processes data, refer to:

What Is an OLAP Cube?

The OLAP Cube is a data-set organized in a multidimensional manner. Every cube has 0 (zero) or more dimensions. The cube allows the performance of different operations, which answer complex analytical queries.

The OLAP Cube introduces concepts like facts, measures, and dimensions. For more information on these, refer to the sections below.

For detailed information on what an OLAP Cube is, refer to:

What Is a Fact?

A fact is the most detailed information that can be measured.

What Is a Measure?

A measure is an aggregated value of facts.

What Is a Dimension?

A dimension is a categorical view of data.

What Is XMLA?

XMLA is an acronym that stands for XML for Analysis. XMLA is a protocol designed for universal data access to a multidimensional data source, which resides on the Web.

For detailed information on XMLA, refer to this article.

The PivotDataSource configuration provides built-in support for XMLA by using specific XMLA transport and schema options.

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