Row Templates

The Kendo UI Grid supports row templates that allow you to place custom content into a grid row.

It is possible to format any cell within the Grid by using templates within a script tag or within the template option on the column object if the Grid is initialized from a <div> element.

The following example demonstrates how to use a template to format the email address as a hyperlink by using a template declared in a script block.

<script id="template" type="text/x-kendo-tmpl">
            #= firstName #
            #= lastName #
            <a href="mailto:#= email #">#= email #</a>

Specify this as a template for each row by passing it in to the rowTemplate option on the Grid and initializing it with the kendo.template function, as demonstrated in the following example.

    rowTemplate: kendo.template($("#template").html()),
   // other configuration

In the resulting Grid, the email address is an interactive hyperlink which opens a new email message when clicked.

Figure 6: Grid with a row template applied

Grid with row template

For more information on Kendo UI templates, refer to the introductory article on templates.

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