Show Overlay while Loading

In some cases, the loading of a Chart might take longer time than the user expects. For such scenarios, you can configure the Kendo UI Chart to show the progress of the process.

The example below demonstrates how to display a loading indicator while the data of a Kendo UI Chart is loading. The loading indicator is cleared in the render event.


Replace it with the dataBound event for Kendo UI versions prior to 2014.3.1119.

    <div class="chart-wrap" style="position: relative;">
      <div id="chart"></div>
      <div class="chart-loading"></div>
      var ds = new{
        transport: {
          read: function(e) {
            // Delay response to simulate remote data
            setTimeout(function() {
                value: 1
              }, {
                value: 2
              }, {
                value: 3
            }, 2000);

        dataSource: ds,
        series: [{
          field: "value"
        render: function(e) {
          // Clear up the loading indicator for this chart
          var loading = $(".chart-loading", e.sender.element.parent());
          kendo.ui.progress(loading, false);

      $(document).ready(function() {
        // Spin all loading indicators on the page
        kendo.ui.progress($(".chart-loading"), true);

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