Title and Legend

The appearance of Kendo UI Charts is controlled via style options unlike the other Kendo UI components in the suite, which use CSS for styling.

Chart Structure

The main building blocks of a Kendo UI Chart are:

  • Title
  • Legend
  • Chart Area
  • Plot Area
  • Axes
  • Series

For detailed information on Chart themes and transitions, refer to the article about the appearance of Kendo UI Charts.

Figure 1: Chart structure

Chart Structure


The title location is controlled via the position option of the title object. Available options are:

  • "top"
  • "bottom"


The legend position is also controllable. The supported position values are:

  • "top"
  • "bottom"
  • "left"
  • "right"
  • "custom"

Custom positioning is configured through the offsetX and offsetY options.

Figure 2: Custom legend position

Custom legend position

You are able to exclude series from the legend by setting their visibleInLegend option to false.

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