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editable.window Object

Configures the Kendo UI Window instance, which is used when the Grid edit mode is "popup". The configuration is optional.

For more information, please refer to the Window configuration API.

Example - Scheduler popup Window configuration

<div id="scheduler"></div>

function myOpenEventHandler(e) {
    // ...

  date: new Date("2013/6/6"),
  editable: {
    window: {
        title: "My Custom Title",
        animation: false,
        open: myOpenEventHandler
  views: [
    { type: "day" }
  dataSource: [
      id: 1,
      start: new Date("2013/6/6 08:00 AM"),
      end: new Date("2013/6/6 09:00 AM"),
      title: "Interview"
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