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This topic describes the Pan and Zoom feature of RadSlideView.

When the DataSource of the RadSlideView is set to SlideViewPictureSource, the default item template contains PanAndZoomImage. This control provides the pan and zoom behavior of the SlideView. The pan gesture is used for pan and the pinch gesture for zoom. To include the PanAndZoomImage in the DataTemplate, the following namespace has to be declared:

The ItemTemplate can be set to a DataTemplate different from the default and the pictures from the DataSource of the SlideView can be accessed by binding to the Source property. The default ItemTemplate for the SlideViewPictureSource is:

<telerikPrimitives:RadSlideView x:Name="radSlideView">
            <telerikSlideView:PanAndZoomImage Source="{Binding Source}"/>

The PanAndZoomImage exposes the following properties: MaximumZoom and ZoomMode, which allow customization of the zoom behavior.

The MaximumZoom property is of type Point and provides the option to limit the zooming to a specific state. The default value is (4d,4d)

The ZoomMode can be None, Free and FitToPhysicalSize:

  • None means that no zooming is applied

  • Free means that the user can zoom until the value of the MaximumZoom property is reached

  • FitToPhysicalSize - the maximum zoom scale is automatically calculated depending on the physical dimensions of the displayed page (the default)