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The following section describes how you can customize the visible fields and buttons which are part of RadCloudLogin.

Custom content

RadCloudLogin provides the CustomContent and CustomContentTemplate properties, which can be used to extend the login input with custom fields. For example they can be used to add a CAPTCHA or other custom content that you find appropriate.

Button styles and visibility

RadCloudLogin contains three buttons: Sign in, Sign up and Forgotten password. All of them can be styled with there relevant style properties:

  • SignInButtonStyle
  • SignUpButtonStyle
  • PasswordForgottenButtonStyle

All of these buttons have boolean properties that allow each of them to be removed if it is not needed:

  • IsSignInButtonEnabled
  • IsSignUpButtonEnabled
  • IsPasswordForgottenButtonEnabled

If you would like to remove some of the buttons, but still use their functionality (for example, you want to remove the sign in button and add a button in the ApplicationBar, which performs the login), you can disable the button that you don't want to have, add another (in the appbar for example) and hook its Click event to the relative method:

  • Create an account - to navigate to the registration page
  • SignIn - to commit the current input and try to perform the login operation
  • ResetPassword - to start the password reset procedure, if the user has forgotten their password

The Keep me signed in check box can also be customized or removed by using similarly named properties: KeepMeSignedInCheckBoxStyle and IsKeepMeSignedInCheckBoxEnabled.

The busy indicator that is shown while the login operation is being performed can also be removed by setting the IsBusyIndicatorEnabled property to false.