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This article demonstrates how to start using RadCloudCalendar for Windows Phone.

Adding a RadCloudCalendar instance in your Windows Phone application

The following steps will guide you through the process of setting up a RadCloudCalendar instance on a Windows Phone page:

  1. Create a Content Type that will store the appointment information on This type should be EverliveAppointment if you use the default appointment type or your custom type which inherits from EverliveAppointment. Here's the structure for the EverliveAppointment type:
    Cloud Controls Everlive Appointment
  2. Define a XAML namespace in the XAML file of your page as follows:


  3. Create an instance of RadCloudCalendar on your page as follows:

    <telerikCloudControls:RadCloudCalendar Margin="-2,0,-2,0" x:Name="cloudCalendar" />

  4. Initialize the CloudAppointmentSource as follows:

    EverliveAppointmentSource everliveAppointmentSource = new EverliveAppointmentSource();

    This code initializes a Cloud Service that handles the appointments and stores them in Everlive.

This will add a calendar component on your page that contains pages that mimic the native calendar app for Windows Phone and handle appointments out of the box:

Cloud Controls Calendar Views