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Rad Context Menu-Overview

Thank you for choosing RadContextMenu!

RadContextMenu is a control that allows showing a multiple choice menu that is related to an arbitrary UIElement. It supports the Command pattern and also provides events for open and close notifications and for when an item is tapped. When RadContextMenu is shown it disallows any interaction with the rest of the application including the application bar. It can be easily closed by tapping outside the menu or by pressing the hardware back button on the Windows Phone device.

RadContextMenu also provides a variety of effects while opening such as a custom animation, a fade effect and a shrink effect that scales the whole application while leaving the UIElement associated with the menu in the foreground making it easier to see which element RadContextMenu is associated with.


In order to use RadContextMenu the following references are required:

  • Telerik.Windows.Core.dll
  • Telerik.Windows.Controls.Primitives.dll