Telerik UI for Windows 8 XAML

RadDataGrid provides built-in filtering functionality, that allows the user to easily filter data by one or more columns - Filtering UI. Everything that can be achieved by the end user through the UI can also be done by using the code-behind API.

Programatic Filtering

RadDataGrid also allows programmatic approach for filtering. This can be achieved through RadDataGrid. FilterDescriptors property by adding FilterDescriptors.

RadDataGrid provides the following way of filtering:

Filtering UI

The built-in Filtering UI allows the user to easily filter data by column values. The filtering functionality will be enabled out-of-the-box for most .NET primitive types such as strings, numeric types, DateTimes and so on.


You can use the UserFilterMode property of RadGridView to enable/disable the filtering UI.

To enable/disable the filtering of a specific column you can use the CanUserFilter property of the column.

Functionality Overview

The default functonality of the FilteringFlyout UI will be discussed here. It consists of the following elements:

  • FirstFilterControl - by default filter controls consist of:

    • Value

    • FilteringOperator

    See how to curtomize the control in this topic.

  • SecondFilterControl - it can be enabled/disabled using the ExpandCollapseButton.

  • LogicalOperator - when the SecondFilterControl is enabled this operator defines the logic applied between the filter controls.

  • FilterButton - applies the filtering options to the grid.

  • ExpandCollapseButton - enables/disables the SecondFilterControl.

  • ClearFilterButton - removes all filtering options of the FilteringFlyout control.

FilteringUI-First Look And Filtering Options